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Toggle navigation. Please note that prices do not reflect shipping and taxes. This makes the barrel unable to fire 12 ga.

This is done when a chamber is over sized or damaged. This aids in the reduction in recoil and improves the shot pattern.

This process includes a reblue. All Rights Reserved. Site design and development by AspDotNetStorefront. Action Work. Make New Firing Pin made from a blank piece of steel. Inertia Conversion for Inertia Systems Makes your second barrel ready to fire with a minimum amount of recoil, suitable for firing bore shells.

Back bore per hole The inside diameter is opened to a specific size. Bore match We bore out the smaller barrel to match the inside diameter of the other barrel, so both bores are exactly the same diameter. Carrier Barrel customer provides barrel The maximum amount of inside barrel material is removed in an effort to make the barrel weigh the same as it did before a sub-gauge tube set is installed. Chamber sleeve same gauge each A chamber sleeve is inserted then made to the correct size.

Chamber sleeve down one gauge each The existing chamber of a shotgun barrel is down-sized one ga, ie 12 ga to 16 ga. Choke Alterations per hole Modify your existing fixed choke to a more open restriction.

Headspace Rings per hole This is done to correct a headspace problem which is usually too deep. Shoot for point of impact Makes sure that the point of impact is in line with the sights. Stock Work.Posted: Sat Aug 16, am. What is barrel back boring and what is it used for?

Also forcing cones what are they used for. I have been reading a lot in thses forums but I have not seen anything but slight mentions for recoil lessening. I am still in the learning curve and need as much infomation as I can get. Thanks to all, George. Back boring is the machining process of reaming or boring. Back Bored. A back bored shotgun barrel simply means that the bore has been altered to a larger inside diameter. Backboring of any imparticular gauge does; beyond any doubt, add to more wider center mass and will help reduce the length of shot strings in shotguns and when done within reason it does not decrease the velocity of the load.

The reason that it does not decrease the velocity is todays plastic wads will expand a great deal to seal the bore of the shotgun and not allow gas to escape around the wad. NO gas leak, NO velocity lost!

Back boring means less choke constriction. As you open up the bore of a shotgun it takes less choke constriction to still get the same pattern as one with a standard bore. This is a big bonus to all that love to shoot trap and other sporting clay games because this puts more pellets into the center mass of the shot string and over all shortens the shot string reducing the time frame from first pellet strike to the last.

Choke constriction can be measured somewhat in thousands of an inch plus or minus from the bore diameter to a designated choke size such as 12 gauge bore.

Open up the bore then you open up the choke for the same choke result. To study and understand more about shotgun bores. If you do decide to do this. Make sure you send your barrel to someone that is experienced with this procedure and their level of finish work is excellent. This is by no means an easy process to get right.

Back boring can have a second advantage also if there are defects in the bore of your shotgun then back boring will most likely remove the defect. Yes A back bored barrel will increase velocity in a 12 gauge reliably up to.

All wads will expand to seal the bore up to. The reason you have increases in velocity is that you are changing the volume of the interior of the bore which changes the expansion ratio for the powder being burned. All of this works with the corelation of barrel length but by decreasing the resistance of the bigger bore you will get an increase in velocity. Yes A shorter shotstring will occur for the simple reason there is more center mass because of the larger bore diameter.

We will start with identifying the forcing cones. The forcing cones in a shotgun barrel force the shot charge or column down in diameter to enter the bore and then to enter the parallel section of the choke. The one we will concern ourselves with here is the chamber to bore forcing cone the other is contained within the choke or choke tube.

Chamber to bore forcing cone. There has been a lot written on the subject of chamber to bore forcing cones some good some bad, the most experienced and authoritive goes to the late Ralph T. I highly recommend this book to all who want the maximum from their shotguns. This is where I started my research as a gunsmith seeking out the ultimate in shot patterns. It is here where the issue of forcing cones came into light for me.

This is the one thing that makes or breaks lengthening a forcing cone, if the forcing cone is cut with a reamer of high quality the shot pattern may actually decrease if not honed some to remove the reamer ridges, if you proceed to hone the ridges then a pattern increase will start to come forward, the more you smooth out this area the more the pattern increases. Note: As an experiment we had sent out four barrels to four gunsmiths to have the forcing cone lengthened and we got back four barrels with forcing cones lengthened with LITTLE or NO degree of finish work done on the forcing cones all had reamer ridges left in them so keep this in mind.

No Simply put, the law of physics says for every action there is a opposite reaction. In a shotgun you detonate powder which creates expanding gases that push to escape, in other words if you are pushing an object that weighs 1 ounce at a given velocity of say 1, feet per second in one direction the push factor in the opposite direction is exactly the same.

Yes Felt recoil can be adjusted to give different effects by altering time frames to reach a given high point in recoil and by doing so you get more of a push effect than a punch effect at your shoulder.Back-boring reamers are invaluable for all shops that do shotgun work, especially choke and barrel modifications.

Reamers available in. Lead angle of reamer matches the angle of most chokes to blend into an existing choke. Many possible uses. Shortened barrels may be back-bored to within 2" to 3" of muzzle to provide a degree of constriction or "choke" in what would otherwise be a cylinder bore barrel.

A choked barrel can be back-bored to enlarge the bore to provide "extra" constriction for competitive shooters. For rough pitted bores, these reamers provide an effective and efficient means of removing pits to enhance both appearance and performance. Faster and more effective than grinding or polishing.

Understanding shotgun back bore

Made of M-7 high speed steel, hardened and drawn. Advise Reamer Stock from chart. Alert Me When Available. Please enter your email address and quantity below and we will send you an alert when the item becomes available. Please note that alerted inventory is on a first come, first serve basis. If you would like a copy of the chat transcript please click "Send Transcript" below.

shotgun back boring service

Thank you for contacting Brownells. Live Chat is available am to Midnight U. CST Saturday - Sunday. You may also contact us via email at info brownells. Live Chat Live Chat. Facebook Instagram. Create an Account Login Create an Account. Cart 0. Schematic ID Number. Big Book Catalog, Issue, PageA Subsidiary of AmeriChoke.

Pico Rivera, CA Primary Phone: Secondary Phone: Bob Day, Owner. Shotgun Repair and Modifications. First and foremost I deal personally with each customer. No bad attitudes or middlemen to deal with. His work is outstanding.

Bob Day really knows his stuff. The modifications on my Perazzi MX8 came back better than the original if that's possible. He is truly an artist who loves what he does! Olympic Shooter Retired. His workmanship is impecable and the barrels are as solid as a rock! He took my gun and called me a few hours later to tell me that it was fixed.

Bob only charged a nominal fee for what I consider to be exceptional work. The work was not only well done, but completed in a timely manner.

I can't tell you how great it is not to have to carry around those extra barrels. Lone Pine Pheasant Club. Nice work, Bob! I will be telling my hunting contacts about your service. New York, NY.Your browser is out of date and may not be able to properly display our website.

It appears that you are accessing the Browning Website from outside North America. Would you like to visit Browning International? Better patterns and increased shot velocity help you hit what you're shooting at. Increasing the bore diameter of a shotgun barrel greatly enhances its performance. A larger bore diameter reduces friction of the shot charge against the barrel wall. Instead of trying to overcome friction, powder gases expend more energy on the wad base, resulting in an increase in shot velocity.

Because there is less constriction or pressure from the barrel walls on a shot charge, there are fewer deformed shot pellets. A greater number of ballistically superior round pellets in a shot charge gives you exceptionally uniform patterns -- delivering more shot pellets in the effective part of your pattern.

The effortless transition of a shot charge through a barrel with a larger bore diameter results in a reduction in perceived recoil. Every reduction in recoil results in an increase in shooting comfort. Who benefits from back-boring? A first time hunter, seasoned wingshot or competitive target shooter all benefit from a back-bored shotgun.

More uniform patterns result in better hits and more smoked targets. To improve the performance of a Browning shotgun, we increased the bore diameter. Full choke. Back-boring gives you extremely uniform densities. Take me to Browning International No. Take me to Browning North America. What is back-boring?Moderator: mike orlen.

Re: Shotgun Barrel Service! Posted: Fri Dec 10, am. If anyone is thinking about any barrel work, this is the man you should have do it. He does excellent work at real reasonalble prices. He also gets it back to you in little time.

He has worked on my Remington barrel and I was more than satisfied with his work. And thanks again Mike. Post subject: Re: Shotgun Barrel Service! Posted: Fri Dec 10, pm.

What sj said AND he works on.


Posted: Thu Aug 25, am. Tex: Mike is sometimes a little tough to get ahold of due to him being a one man shop. But his turnaround time is quick, his prices fair, and his work good. Try calling him a few more times.

shotgun back boring service

Posted: Thu Oct 27, pm. Posted: Thu Feb 23, am. Thanks Mike. Posted: Sun Aug 20, am. Hi Mike. I have a Gold E that I was thinking about having some forcing cone work done.Porting Stops muzzle bounce and gives you better control for fast follow-up shots. Helps to reduce recoil. Minimizes cheek slap. Lengthening Forcing Cone Helps to reduce recoil. Allows the shot to leave the shell and enter the barrel much rnore gradually which results in less deformed shot.

Chokework Chokes modified to your own style of shooting. Screw in choke tube conversions to give your shotgun total flexibility, without altering the appearance of your gun. Accurizing Bolt Actions Accuracy is repetition. Everything needs to be identical from shot to shot each time the rifle is used. With a properly accurized rifle your point of impact should stay the same from year to year unless you change the loads you are using. Barrels I have had extremely good results with Douglas and Lilja.

However, if you have a preference I will use it. Actions I have a preference for Remington bolt actions. They are lightweight, easy to accurize and come with excellent triggers. However, all current commercial actions on the market today are good. Stocks I only build fiberglass stocks. I use McMillan blanks. They take a bit of work, but the end result is one of the finest stocks available. Expert Gun Re-Bluing.

Finest Recoil Pad Installations. Complete Gun Reconditioning. Repairing of Current or Classic Shotguns and Rifles.

Gunsmithing - How to Backbore the Barrels on a Parker Brothers Shotgun

Odenthal's Gunsmithing, Inc. When done properly the gun cannot move in the stock. There is no flexing or torque on the action. I do bed the barrel channel and free float the barrel so there is no way the barrel will ever come in contact with the stock.

If you think of a bullet like a rocket taking off, if there was more gas pressure on one side at launching than the other, there is no way the rocket would fly straight.

The same exact thing happens as the bullet leaves the barrel.

shotgun back boring service

A light cut is made to true the crown. Trigger Work: The trigger is corrected to have a crisp brake with no sensation of movement or roughness and set at a weight of pull that does not cause your hand muscles to tense up.

This has a big impact on being able to keep the crosshairs on target, especially at long range. Services Shotgun Work The high performance shotgun barrel would consist of a lengthened forcing cone, back boring if the bore is undersized setting the choke up to your needs, or install choke tubes and barrel porting.

Glass Bedding:. The rifle is bedded so the gun fits into the stock with a fit. Re-cutting the crown:.